The Journey of Little Wonders Early Learning Center

Little Wonders Early Learning Center opened its facility in September of 1989, about three decades ago. Since the beginning, we have promoted and facilitated learning abilities among children that aim at holistic development.

Little Wonders Early Learning Center

Changing Times

Initially, we spent our first year in the basement of a store and then the next 17 in the basement of a church. In the fall of 2008, we moved to our current location, a brand-new purpose-built facility.

It is thrilling to be able to create a space that would meet the needs of children all the ages in Charlottetown and surrounding area.

Learning Environment

The low-placed windows at our learning facility allow the children to watch the world as it goes by and improve observational skills.

The outdoor play space is accessible right off our back entry. And, our bathrooms are well situated to allow for easier toilet learning. The building was a dream come true.

Little Wonders Early Learning Center
2012 Winner

2012 Winner

We are the proud recipients of the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Early Childhood Education for the year 2012.

Silver Pear

Silver Pear

The Healthy Eating Alliance awarded our team in recognition of our outstanding leadership in nutrition education.

About Elizabeth Jeffery

Hello! I am Elizabeth Jeffery, the creator of Little Wonders Early Learning Center. After graduating from Holland College in 1982, I began my career as the assistant director of the now-defunct UPEI daycare.

From there, I spent two years as the Child Care Services (CS) Director for the YMCA.

In 1989, I had the opportunity to open my own program, and I haven't looked back since. I'm one of those fortunate people who have been blessed to find a career that is also my passion. My education at college was the beginning.

Little Wonders Early Learning Center
Myself, Terry, Nikki, Travis, Kate,
Colin and Miss Candace in front

I have dedicated myself to keeping up to date and finding new ways to support the children and families who are a part of our program. I recently completed my degree with MacEwan Univesity in June of 2019.


In my extra spare time, I love to work on my personal scrapbook, read mystery novels, and spend time with my husband, children, and granddaughter. Oh yes, and my little dog Seamus!